• PRP® reduces expense by reducing reclamation costs
  • PRP® allows control of the disposition of the spilled hydrocarbon
  • PRP® reduces disposal and transportation costs
  • PRP® promotes the minimization of waste streams and eliminates long term landfill liability

Microbial products are used frequently in industrial settings to reduce and eliminate waste streams. Use and effectiveness of these products is well known and accepted by regulatory agencies and industry. Because of the wax encapsulating material, PRP® has made available to industry, an effective method to control and degrade water borne hydrocarbon spills. Some of the benefits of PRP® are listed below.

  • PRP® is a non-toxic 100% all natural product
  • PRP® is hydrophobic (floats)
  • PRP® is oleophilic (attracts oil)
  • PRP® minimizes impacts to the environment
  • PRP® maximizes hydrocarbon degradation
  • PRP® is effective in sensitive areas where labor intensive techniques are unproductive
  • PRP® can be allowed to degrade in-situ or may be recovered for land remediation, land filling or recycling