Marina and Boat Bilge oil spill cleaning products

bio-sokBIO-SOK® bilge maintenance products are an easy-to-use, completely nontoxic and environmentally sound means of capturing and biodegrading the oil and fuel that leaks in a boat bilge, which often escapes into marina waters. The active ingredient in BIO-SOK®, BUSTER®PRP®, absorbs, encapsulates and remediates oil and fuel naturally, biodegrading hydrocarbons before they accidentally enter into marina’s and marine waters and waterways.

Placed inside a boat bilge, the BIO-SOK® floats on top of the boat bilge, begins to absorb the hydrocarbons, reduces odor and biodegrades the leaking oil and fuel. BIO-SOK® will generally last a full boating season under most normal conditions. When BIO-SOK® is depleted you can simply throw away the outside fabric sleeve. There is nothing left to harm the environment. When you need a way to keep marina waters free of boat bilge oil and other fuel contaminants, use the BIO-SOK®.

The ingredients are 100% natural, biodegradable and nontoxic. The completely natural product, housed in the BIO-SOK®, attracts microorganisms that love to eat oil and fuel, and will turn mineral oil and fuels back into harmless substances found naturally in the environment.

Easy to install:
Most boats need only one BIO-SOK® to control oil and fuel spills for an *entire season.
Boats over 40 feet may need two.

1) Tie the BIO-SOK® in the bilge where oil and water collect. Make sure it won’t interfere with the bilge pump’s operation

2) Let BIO-SOK® soak up boat bilge oil and fuel, along with odors. There is no need to remove the BIO-SOK® until it has completely biodegraded itself. There will be nothing more than an empty sok. When oil and fuel remediation is complete, simply remove the BIO-SOK® from the bilge and dispose of it properly.

Low Daily Cost! Less than $0.13 per day for a 6-Month Service Life

Depending upon the type and amount of contaminants, the BIO-SOK® will last an entire season* and will work constantly to help eliminate the possibility of fines for putting oil and fuel into the surrounding waters, which could accidentally leak from boat bilge. * Entire season is referenced to be 4 – 6 months.

Active material:
Oil BusterPRP
The ingredients are 100% natural, biodegradable and nontoxic. All ingredients are contained in a white fabric sok.

Absorption rate:
Dependent upon the specific contaminants, a half-pound BIO-SOK® will continually absorb 3/4 LB to 1.0 pound of that contaminant until fully depleted.

Waste disposal method:
If unused, BIO-SOK® is not a hazard. If saturated, BIO-SOK® can simply be left in place until the oil biodegrades. If removal is preferred, dispose of the BIO-SOK® in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.