What Nasa Says

The following is an excerpt from the NASA Spinoff publication.

“A new way of cleaning up oil spills using “bioremediation” technology is a product known as PRP® which stands for Petroleum Remediation Product. It incorporates technology related to fabrication of microcapsules developed by Marshall Space Flight Center and Jet Propulsion Laboratory.”

“For cleaning up an oil spill, PRP is used in conjunction with an apparatus contain the petroleum remediation product, The BioBoom® which is an oil spill containment system available in a number of sizes or tailored to a user’s requirements. The BioBoom is a flotation device that keeps the boom on top of the water and prevents the oil from spreading into non-polluted water.”

“Work performed at Jet Propulsion Laboratory demonstrated the feasibility of encapsulating live cells and PRP petroleum remediation product has employed that technology in developing oil spill cleanup application products. Technology developed at Marshall Space Flight Center for experiments in orbital production of microspheres provided the basic design of the delivery system.”

“In a continuing effort to improve and adapt the product for other oil spill bioremediation, RRP is now combined with other natural, biodegradable products such as soy and ground corncob, for additional oil spill clean up applications. PRP was inducted into the NASA Hall of Fame in April, 2008.”