Oil spill booms that absorb, cleanup & bioremediate oil spills naturally

bioboom-newBIO-BOOM® oil spill booms contain environmentally safe and biodegradable OIL BUSTER®PRP® which can absorb and biodegrade petroleum hydrocarbon spills. Use it to control and remediate spills on the water or on soil, in stormwater applications. BIO-BOOM® oil spill boom can be used to bioremediate oil, diesel fuel, gasoline and other hydrocarbon spills and to contain and cleanup actual and anticipated oil and fuel spills on water. When oil spill cleanup is required, or oil clean up products are needed near potential spill areas, BIO-BOOM® oil spill booms can be a ready response for all hydrocarbon spills. When placed in strategic locations, BIO-BOOM® oil spill booms can restrict the spread of oil spills which have occurred, or manage areas where an anticipated oil spill could occur.

Many absorbent products contain oil spills, but most are not 100% natural or biodegradable. That’s what makes OIL BUSTER®PRP® BIO-BOOM® oil spill boom unique.

In addition to quickly containing oil or other hydrocarbon spills, these remediation booms will not only biodegrade the contaminant, it biodegrades itself. Because no secondary contaminants are left, your disposal costs are reduced or eliminated.

When an oil spill occurs in open water, containment is important, but completely remediating, or biodegrading oil from water is very important. BIO-BOOM® oil spill booms can contain a spreading spill while the OIL BUSTER®PRP® inside consumes the hydrocarbon.
Whether oil spills are in open water, marinas, holding ponds or lagoons, BIO-BOOM® oil spill boom will hold the hydrocarbon spill in place, while the OIL BUSTER®PRP® works. When the oil is gone, the OIL BUSTER®PRP® degrades itself leaving only empty fabric. Theirs is no toxic waste requiring tedious expensive disposal. Use BIO-BOOM® on land or water for hydrocarbon spills.

BIO-BOOM® oil spill remediation booms