PRP® (Petroleum Remediation Product) and OilBuster® are excellent fuel and oil bioremediation products for natural (Green) cleanup of the environment. Below are a few examples of PRP® and OilBuster® applications for industrial use.

Groundwater Remediation: If you have less than three inches of liquid hydrocarbon on the underground groundwater table, or have dissolved product in water, a WellBoom™ is the product to use to absorb and bioremediate the hydrocarbons. WellBooms™ come in 1 /34” diameter for 2” motoring wells, or 3” WellBooms™ for a 4 inch monitoring well. WellBooms™ can be order in lengths between 3’ to 10’

Special design WellBoom™ example:
A custom WellBoom™ was manufactured for a customer who needed a length of 24 feet. The WellBoom™ has worked very well for the customer, and they have reordered them several times. Let Unirem special design a WellBoom™ for you!

Machine shops use our OilBuster® to save on disposal fees. Try this ‘Green’ product.

Plants & other industrial facilities use the BioBoom® in their retention ponds and catch basins to eliminate hydrocarbons from entering their community stormwater system or local steams, creeks and rivers.

Oil separators: Most oil separators gather up 90% of the oil in their system. Let the BioBoom® eliminate the remainder. Why spend $$ trucking it out when you can take care on the problem on site with the BioBoom®. Let the PRP® in the Boom create all natural enzymes to solve your waste problem.

Track ballast: If you have a track siding at you facility, why keep replacing and disposing in our landfills track matting when you can spread PRP® powder on the ballast. If the matting gets bad in a couple of spot you must replace the whole matting. With PRP® you just spread a little PRP® more frequently on the area.

Transformers: Does your transformer leak a little? Prevent it from going into the stormwater system. Put a BioBoom® around the transformer and the problem is solved. The BioBoom® will absorb and bioremediate fluids from transformers leaks.

PRP® Petroleum Remediation Product Technology:
PRP® is the result of innovative work by scientists at NASA and has been awarded a NASA Product Hall of Fame. PRP® and OilBuster® are completely natural and is a 100% Green product.