PRP powderGreen Oil-Spill Cleaning

OIL BUSTEROIL BUSTER®PRP® is excellent for large and small oil spills in areas such as industrial plants, stormwater runoff, shops, storage tanks, shorelines and waterways, marinas, railroad tracks, oil wells & oil fields, maintenance facilities, truck roll-overs, marshes & wetlands or any location where oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, or other hydrocarbon remediation is required. The bioremediation properties of OIL BUSTER®PRP® will biodegrade oil spills to mitigate the collateral damage to the ecosystem caused by accidental discharge of hydrocarbon products into the environment.

Methods of applying OIL BUSTER®PRP® range from simple hand sprinkling, to portable, mechanized hydro seeders.

OIL BUSTER®PRP® consists of tiny spheres of all natural ingredients, which contain nutrients. When OIL BUSTER®PRP® comes in contact with spilled oil, it “binds” with the hydrocarbons. Nutrients in the sphere help microorganisms from the immediate environment flourish until they eat every droplet of oil. OIL BUSTER®PRP® will absorb and remediate more than 20 times its weight over time. This natural, biodegradable oil spill powder can be used on any hydrocarbon spill application.