WELLBOOM™ Groundwater Oil Monitoring & Remediation

WellboomWELLBOOM™ facilitates monitoring groundwater by absorbing floating oil and dissolved product more effectively, and less expensively than traditional bailing methods. When installed, it submerges about 50%, and adjusts to changing water levels. It remains buoyant until it is removed. Not only will the WELLBOOM™ absorb ‘free product’ on contact, it won’t allow leaching when removed for testing, allowing you to test the ground water immediately. It then promotes the rapid bio-degradation and remediation of the absorbed, groundwater-contaminating hydrocarbons!

The WellBoom’s most optimal performance will occur when the water temperature is in a range of 35 – 95 degrees Farenheit. Simple to install and maintain, with no costly disposal of messy, oil-soaked material, simply dispose of used fabric Well Boom casing when finished.