refineryPRP Petroleum Remediation Product and WellBoom will assist refinery facilitates and groundwater monitoring by sorbing floating petroleum more effectively and less expensively than traditional bailing methods.

When WellBoom is installed, it submerges about 50% and adjusts to changing water levels. It remains bouyant until depleted. Not only will the WellBoom absorb ‘free product’ on contact, it won’t allow ‘leaching’. It then promotes the rapid bio-degradation of the absorbed, groundwater-contaminating hydrocarbons!

The WellBoom’s most optimal performance will occur when the water temperature is in a range of 35 – 95 degrees Farenheit. Simple to install, simple to maintain with no costly disposal of messy, smelly, oil-soaked material required when WellBoom is done. Simply throw the boom casing in the trash!